Book Live one-on-one private meditation with a certified coach

Experience a live, private and interactive meditation with our one-on-one ‘Chill’ session guided by our certified meditation and mindfulness trainers. During this 30-minute meditation, your trainer devotes their time entirely to you. You and your trainer can see and hear each other on your screens. Camera shy? No worries, you can turn your camera off to make your session more comfortable.

A 30 min. private session starts at $350 USD per session.

Every session includes a complimentary 15-minute consultation, as well as a 15-minute debrief after the session. 

Our private meditations offer a customized experience that are tailored to what works best for you. Prior to starting your session, you’ll receive a complimentary 15 min consultation with a certified trainer to discuss your objectives, and what type of meditation and duration might be the best fit for you. Part of our aftercare is checking in with you on how it went, and how we can personalize it for you even more next time.

Book a package

Consider scheduling your future sessions upfront. Book a package of 3-4 private meditations.

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