SoChill.io’s founder and CEO is Xochitl Ivory (pronounced so-chill); a certified mindfulness and meditation teacher trained by the Interdependence Project (Member of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association) in NYC. She grew up with the concept of mindfulness through her mother who made meditation part of her upbringing. This made it easy for her to start applying mindfulness as a practice throughout her personal and professional life.

Corporate Experience

She is an accomplished luxury hospitality professional with international experience in NYC, Barcelona and Amsterdam. Throughout her career, she has led corporate meditation and mindfulness workshops for teams at luxury hotels in New York City, where she also led the introduction of wellness offerings to their hotel guests.

Teaching Mindfulness

From 2012-2016 she founded and taught a mindfulness course to the business students at Hotelschool The Hague. Over 1,000 students have attended the course that’s still being taught today. The course received a grant from the Dutch Government in 2017 to expand its implementation and become part of the official school curriculum.

Combining Two Passions

Bringing mindfulness to the corporate world is my passion. I understand and enjoy both business and mindfulness, and the challenges that come with being an urban professional trying to balance life in today’s busy world.

People have very high expectations of their lives and not knowing how to slow down and focus, we know causes burn out. Learning how to reflect and enjoy the ride will enable you to have a more fulfilled life which is what’s most important.

At SoChill.io we teach you how to meditate and coach you on how to live a mindful lifestyle that suits your day-to-day life.